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  • The source and culmination of our life.

  • The word of God is the source of our spiritual life and inspiration for our prayers. By frequent and reflective reading of the Holy Scripture we experience the surpassing worth of knowing Jesus Christ, for we speak to him when we pray, we hear him when we read the divine sayings. It sheds light on us to see God’s will and strengthens us to live our vocation fully and increases our fervour for our mission

  • Our sign of redemption. True victory is through joyful acceptance of the pinpricks of daily life, for we know that our way of living is “Christ’s way, the hard way”.

  • Implies the presence of the Holy Spirit inflaming us with burning zeal for our mission.

  • Our Father Founder known as, “The Smiling Bishop of Krishnagar”. He gave us the Little Way of Spiritual Childhood as the basis of our Way of Life. He also gave us our Apostolate of Smiling: an apostolate greatly needed in these troublous times

  • Our religious habit - the sari. It is the sign of our consecration and belonging to the institute.

  • SMI

    The name of our Institute - Catechist Sisters of Mary Immaculate Help of Christians, commonly known as “Sisters of Mary Immaculate”.

  • M

    Mary Immaculate - our Mother, model, titular patroness and protectress.

  • To love God and help others to love God.